Ecommerce Through Leadership 
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With industry leaders and field experts from a broad spectrum of backgrounds weighing in on several important topics surrounding ecommerce and data in today's rapidly changing world, this ebook is a must-read for any business looking to capitalize in B2B or B2C retail across channels.

Featured Thought Leaders in this ebook:

Brian Terrell, Founder of the BTerrell Group, Code Partners     |     Jayne Reddyhoff, Founder & Managing Director of Zanzi Digital     |     Jeff Cates, President of Intuit Canada     |     Thea Earl, Business Development Manager at Shopify     |     Steve Deckert, Co-Founder of Sweet Tooth     |     Tema Frank, Founder & Chief Instigator at Frank Reactions     |     Axel Kuhn, MBA, Principal & Co-Founder of ePath Consulting